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Jack Hertz Live Appearances

Sep 02: Jack Hz w/ Doug Lynner - Resonant Frequencies, Oakland
Sep 07: Brain Jam - Loopstudio 23, Burbank
Sep 08: Raymond Scott Festival - Colony Theater, Burbank
Sep 10: Jack Hz w/ Lori Varga - Canessa Gallery, San Francisco
Oct 06: Mission Arts Project - Noisebridge, San Francisco
Oct 26: Y2K18 Looping Festival - Center Stage, Santa Cruz
Nov 03: Audible Method - Bicks & Beckett Books, San Francisco
Dec 16: Dead City Shaman - UB Radio Salon, Alemeda

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The Lighthouse by Fiesel & Hertz Now Available from Aural Filsm

Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz take to the seas on their latest release. The Lighthouse is a beacon that shows the way along the coastline. Get on board an ever changing journey to someplace else. In an exploration of beaches, mountains, ports and faraway places between land and sea. Listen now at


Jack Hertz Interview with IN*Fusionart Magazine

Many thanks to the people at IN *FUSION ART MAGAZINE for doing this very artful interview on my work. Please have a look and listen at http://www.infusionartmagazine...


Music For Coastlines Performance November 3rd

Join me for a very special Music For Coastlines performance ob Saturday November 3rd at Bird & Beckett Books in San Francisco. Event details here:


Lexicon by Jack Hertz Available from Silent Records

Lexicon pays homage to the decades past with these recordings processed exclusively with vintage Lexicon out-board effects for that classic sound kids love. The album is available now at https://silentrecords.bandcamp...


Blue Dunes by Jack Hertz

The 2016 release, "Planet Red", was just the beginning. The more we learn about Mars. The less we know. Return to Earth's neighbor, a mysterious place of constantly transforming terrains, that is not so red after all. Available now at

Blue Dunes

In Love With The Moon: Klaus Schulze Birthday Tribute by Various Artists

Aural Films is happy to present a special birthday tribute to Klaus Schulze who turns 71 today, August 4, 2018. Listen to 20 tracks by various artists from around the world who have been inspired by Klaus's work since the Mid-1970s. Get the album now at

End of Summer Tour

Through Corridors Bright by Hertz and Spivey

San Francisco Bay Area artists join forces to produce a sweeping blend of new compositions that bring together Ambient and West Coast electronic music styles to create a sound all their own. Available now at

Begin at the End Half Way Through by Dead City Shaman

Recorded live from KFJC. The Dead City Shaman conjure spirits from the thousands of musicians who performed in the sacred space known as "The Pit". The album is available now at

Some Things by No Thing

No Thing was a group of three artists who performed in the Washington DC area between 1989 and 1992. The trio preformed live improvised sound fused with elements of avant garde, classical, futurism, and popular culture. Download the album now at https://acousmatique.bandcamp....

OAXACA by Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz takes us on a sonic journey to ancient Oaxaca. Located in Southwestern Mexico. The state is best known for its many indigenous peoples that are descendants of the Aztecs. These cultures have survived better than most others in Mexico due to the state's rugged and isolating terrain. Available now at

Vibrate Higher Now Available from Acousmatique Recordings

The title “Vibrate Higher” taken from a Thelonious Monk quote. Celebrates his 100th anniversary of individualistic creativity and progressive vision for new horizons in music. The album is available now at https://acousmatique.bandcamp....

The Last Songs of a Dying Tribe

It is sad there are less than 150 Million people from indigenous tribes, left on Earth. Considered to be uncivilized. They are the people who led humanity out of the forest. Into the governments, religions and corporations. That now threaten our true ancestors’ existence.

m00m Has Landed!

m00m is a band project by electronic music artists, Christian Fiesel and Jack Hertz. Inspired by their love for Moog synthesizers and Krautrock music. The debut album is available now at

Computer Music Collection Nominated for 2017 Schallwelle Award

What a surprise to see my Computer Music Collection album nominated in the 2017 Schallwelle Awards. That is enough of an award to know people are listening to my challenging releases. Please download the album now at

Schallwelle Awards 2017

Ear of God Collection Now Available on Acousmatique

In celebration of electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry's (1927 - 2017) 90th birthday. Acousmatique is happy to present our first release officially launching the label. Beginning with the reissue of the "Ear of God" collection. The culmination of Jack Hertz's "Eye of God" modern musique concrete series. Download now at https://acousmatique.bandcamp....

Ear of God 2

Andromeda Strains by Jack Hertz

"Andromeda Strains" by Jack Hertz is a homage to the epic work of film director Robert Wise and composer Gil Mellé. Hear an all new recording that is both a vintage and modern take on the original film soundtrack. Listen now at

Andromeda Strains

This Is The Water​.​.​. by Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz presents a special release of water soaked soundscapes from above and under the water. The four track release features two individual performances from 2011 Time Drone radio shows that aired on March 23rd with "The Water", and "The Well" on April 13th. Dive in for hours of immersive audio sourced almost entirely from recordings in and out of the water. Download the album now at

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